Modular buildings

LLC SMS-M is a large manufacturing company, main activity is the production of huts , modular buildings construction and metal fabrication for various purposes.

Prefabricated modular buildings are the main focus of the company. Many of our staff are at the origin of this line of business in Russia and have more than twenty years of experience in this field. In their activities they adhere to the highest standards of quality, while ensuring an acceptable level of prices, which has allowed our organization to acquire a large number of loyal customers who regularly interested in the construction of modular buildings from a block of containers, including many of the major developers in Moscow and the surrounding region.

Currently, the area of application of these mobile structures is incredibly wide and not limited to the construction site process. Investors desiring to start their own deal in various fields are seeking to solutions, which are rapid, reliable and does not cost a lot. And with the aid of our 20-years experience we can implement almost any kind of project.

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Modular building price

What type of buildings can be fabricated with modules?

Modular building is a perfect solution for those situations, when the lowest price per square meter, the minimum installation time and the possibility of future disassembly and transportation are essential.

Block-modular design is convenient and versatile and allows you to build facilities for various purposes:

  • droms and hotels,
  • administrative and amenity buildings,
  • schools and kindergartens,
  • construction and accommodation camps,
  • shops and shopping pavilions,
  • guard posts and checkpoints,
  • laboratories and research facilities,
  • car washes and garages,
  • office and business centers.

We work fast

Metall constructions, trapezoidal sheet and PVC windows

Our company - it is also a huge industrial complex, which in addition to modular buildings assembly workshops includes metalware production capacity (up to 400 tons per month ), the stainless steel products fabrication (stairs, railings), plastic windows and doors manufacturing and supply and trapezoidal sheet rolling line. Our workshops possess the modern plasma and laser cutting machines, the bending machine, the guillotine, the PVC windows profiles processing and lamination equipment and the trapezoidal sheet rolling line. Such opportunities can significantly reduce costs in the construction of modular buildings, which is extremely positive effect on the cost of the final product.

In the field of steel structures, SMS-M specializes in large and demanding products, such as hangars, prefabricated buildings, trusses, columns, beams - all that is most commonly required for construction processes. Large workshops with high ceilings and powerful crane beams allow to produce large-sized structures in large quantities in the shortest possible time.

We always pay significant attention to quality issues. Distinctly from majority of other factories, which frequently try to cut down their expenses by eliminating or combining several production units, we decided not to shut down a full-fledged QC department. From our experience (not always positive, lets admit this) we realized that when manufacturing critical metal constructions it does not worth chasing for serious savings, since possible consequences associated with obtaining a minor fleeting benefit, can be very serious and lead to even greater financial losses.

On our website we have tried to maximize the highlight of our activities and to present our facilities in the most interesting way. And the latter are really great - contact us to check this out by your own! And perhaps you become our regular customer.

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