Metal constructions fabrication

Steel buildings today are at the peak of popularity – this type of constructing has a lot of beneficial features. Production of metal structures should be engaged to professionals - the SMS-M company has rich experience in this area, we have been working on this market for more than 20 years.

Steel structures advantages

Production of metal structures is a highly demanded area. They have a number of benefits, among them are the following:

  • low price and high speed of the building construction;
  • increased level of buildings resistance to adverse environmental factors;
  • simplified delivery;
  • the increased life of the buildings;
  • seismic resistance and fire safety.

Steel structures manufaturing: scope of usage

This is one of the most important stages of construction of residential and industrial buildings:

  • country houses;
  • schools, kindergartens;
  • production workshops;
  • residential townships;
  • hospitals;
  • warehouses;
  • shops and stores;
  • pavilions of various purposes.

This is not an exhaustive list of buildings, whose construction requires the manufacture and installation of steel structures.

LLC SMS-M: steel structures manufacturing

We manufature metal structures of all types. It is worth mentioning that the steel structure's quality influences a lot on the building quality. If the manufaturing technology is violated, this will inevitably reduce the operating life of the building (and in case of seismic activity it can even lead to a complete destruction). SMS-M wares always have an adequate quality.

Manufacturing of structures of any kind should be entrusted to experienced professionals only. Our factory is equipped with the most modern equipment and uses the most advanced technologies. In addition to manufacturing, we offer professional installation of steel structures. Our employees constantly improve their skills and are aimed to use only the cutting edge software and tools. This is another reason why our factory is in such great demand in the Moscow region. Producing metal constructions of any complexity , we guarantee that they:

  • sustain multilateral, long-term and complex load;
  • retain resistance to wear , can avoid faults and deformation;
  • are not corrodible;
  • can withstand any aggressive environmental factors.
Фото Steel columns and roofing frames
Фото Various steel structures manufactured by us
Фото Mounting steel structures of a warehouse

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