Administrative modular buildings provide facilities where the stuff is housed. Commonly, the need for such structures arises in the construction of high-grade construction or shift camp. However, such structures can be used also as standalone buildings, which are not part of the infrastructure of pre-fabricated camps.

Administrative and utility buildings - 22 and 33 modules

The interior of the administrative building
Administrative building in the modula campus
Administrative building interior
Administrative building - 9 modules
Typical interior of the administrative building
Two-storied administrative building 10 cabins
Administrative housing 40 units

A typical administrative building

Usually, our company offers two- and three-storey administrative modular buildings, which include:

  • an office open-space;
  • several separate rooms;
  • bathrooms;
  • auxiliary rooms for various purposes;
  • a locker room;
  • a kitchen;
  • a meeting room.

As can be seen from this list, this type of building is normally used when one needs to merge office and domestic facilities. In certain cases the customer may additionally design such premises like:

  • a laundry room;
  • a storage room;
  • a boiler room and a board room (which may be designed not only for building itself, but also for the eentire camp).

Regardless of the required functionality, our company's experts will offer you the best solution that perfectly fits your demands.

Монтаж АБК
Собранная часть здания
Внутренности здания до чистовой отделки
Наружная пожарная лестница АБК
Готовое собранное здание
Фото Administrative building 22 modules - 1 floor layout
Фото Administrative building 22 modules - 2 floor layout

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Превью Administrative building for the existing plant

Administrative building for the existing plant

сентябрь 2009

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