Steel cutting

Industry provides many tools to cut sheet metal into parts of desirable shape and size. Choosing the right one, best suitable to each specific case, is not always obvious and in some cases requires serious reflection. The sheet metal cutting methods available today vary considerably according to the type of the cutting element, the cut quality, the cutting slit width, performance, presence or absence of thermal strain and so on. Most of the clients are interested in obtaining a satisfactory product quality within a short period of time and for minimum price. You may try to make the choice of cutting technology for the order by yourself, but it is best to contact our experts, sice every day they work with the cutting equipment in production and will be able to accurately estimate your costs and protect against unnecessary expenses.

SMS-M facilities

Our factory has everything you need for CNC (plasma, laser, oxyfuel) and mechanical (band saw, guillotine) cuttings.

We guarantee a high quality metal cutting services in Moscow, reasonable prices and individual approach in carrying out orders!

Steel sheet cutting types comparison

Cutting type Maximum sheet thickness Cutting slit width Quality Performance Costs of equipment and operation Environmental friendliness and safety
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