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Bandsaw cutting

Bandsaw is considered as one of the most convenient tools for materials cutting, primarily steel. Production of any metal structure starts with the use of this machine - without it the further work can be hardly organized. During the bandsaw cutting process the portions of the material are gradually removed with the sharpened incisors, whose hardness is higher than the hardness of the treated metal.

A particular attention regarding the bandsaw functioning should be given to cooling. In order to reduce their costs, many companies use ordinary water to this end, but such an approach is not acceptable. Water affects the quality of the cut and degrades the surface roughness. In our production we give preference to special oil-based cutting fluids (coolants). They are able to effectively remove heat from the cutting area and to reduce friction between the tool and the workpiece. And this, in its turn, has a positive impact on the quality of cutting, and the saws resource.

The process of bandsaw cutting is characterized by the following technological advantages:

  • high cutting speed;
  • high surface quality and cleanliness;
  • high precision;
  • absence of dross and temperature deformations.

Our bandsaw machines

At the disposal of our manufacturing plant there are Pegas bandsaws - they have proven themselves to processing equipment market. They are easy to use, reliable in operation, provide high quality cut, and thus allow an operator to easily guarantee the desired dimensions.

Bandsaw cutting of C- and L-section beams, profiled tubes or other lengthy steel products usually does not take much time and does not require a large number of employees imvolved, so our pricing for this type of order is very liberal: the cost is low and allow us to find a compromise with any customer.

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