It is difficult to imagine a work on the large construction site without controling persons having access to its territory. Similarly, a large modular camp, whose employees work on serious and responsible production problems, can not be safely secured without a security post. And of course, when our engineers are faced with this kind of tasks, the projects we propose to our customers are always supplied with the territory fencing and installation of a checkpoint.

Security post consisting of 4 cabins
Security post in the cottage village
Security posts frames with cut-off coners
Security posts manufacturing process
Security post 1.8x1.8 meters

Modular checkpoints and security posts

The most common implementation of the checkpoint is just a single cabin of 6x2.5 meters. Such module contains everything that is neccessary for reliable operation of the custodial service. Normally, right next to the cabin entrance the security window and the access control device (for instance, an electromotive turnstile) are installed. The security post cabin may also include a small dressing room and a bathroom. The interior finish is simple but well designed: the floor is covered by linoleum, the ceiling is finished with PVC panels and there is even no need in additional wall finishing, since the inner coating of sandwich panels looks quite presentable for this type of premises.

Sometimes, the customer choses modules of smaller sizes: 4x2.5m, 3x2m, 2x2m or even smaller. For instance, once we manufactured tiny security post for a private cottage village of 1x1 meters. Such unit is simple and relatively cheap - its total price with delivery and intallation does not exceed 100 000 rubles.

Modular security posts from the SMS-M company, regardless of their its small sizes and simple interior decoration, have the same superior quality like our large buildings - one can be unlikely disappointed!

Выполнены из укороченного блока длиной 4 м
Фото Турникет на проходной
Фото Окно охранника
Фото Типовая компоновка КПП
Фото Security post layout - 2x3 meters
Фото Security post 2x3 meters

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