The embedded parts serve to connect a structure (building) elements with each other or to mount the external equipment on to the concrete foundation. This type of welded products is widely used rasprotranen in commercial development and implies concreting inside the wall or ceiling. The embedded parts greatly simplify the installation of certain elements of the building, which positively effects on the cost of the work. However, the designer should take care about the parts location and configuration in advance.

Embedded parts design

There are two main types of embedded parts used in construction: open and closed (they imply further concreting). According to their shape, embedded parts can be grouped into:

  • wedge type,
  • precast type,
  • rod type.

A conventional embedded part is a plate welded to its anchor rods, which can be either straight or curved. Relatively to the support plate, an anchor rod can be positioned perpendicularly, at an angle or parallel. The rods are made of a round bar or ribbed reinforcing steel. Depending on the strength requirements, embedded parts are made of steel St 3 or constructional steel 09G2S.

Typically, for this type of product, a primer coating is sufficient but in some cases we can coat embedded parts with powder or galvanization. Nowadays, galvanized parts popularity is increasing due to superior requirements to the durability and reliability of structures throughout the whole lifetime.

SMS-M experience

Never skimp on the quality of embedded parts in an attempt to save some money!

Among our customers there are large construction companies participating in many projects implemented in the Moscow region over the past 15 years. We can assure that you have definitely been to the buildings, where our products used and this fact is our best advertising!

Elements of non-standard embedded parts
Galvanized embedded parts
Anchor bolts
Galvanized embedded parts
Embedded parts of bridge structures

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