Modular buildings interior

The beauty of the modular buildings architecture is that the customer can choose almost any finishes, as if it was a conventional solid building. The fact that the building is made of separate cabins does not apply any restrictions.

Standard finishing options

Over the years we have accumulated enough information about what people usually ask when choosing a solution suitable for the interior of their modular building, therefore, prepared a number of options that will satisfy the customer's needs by 99%.


  • smooth painted sheet thickness 0.55mm
  • PVC panels
  • tile
  • wall paneling
  • painted non-woven backing


  • linoleum
  • hardboard
  • tile
  • laminate
  • batten


  • панели ПВХ
  • вагонка
  • натяжной


  • plastic
  • PVC
  • polyurethane

PVC windows

  • size 1160х1160mm
  • size 900х900mm
  • size 570х470mm (for bathrooms)

Own production


  • PVC
  • metal
  • width 900mm
  • width 700mm

Some examples of interior finishing

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