Many residents of our cities are accustomed to meet on the streets small shopping stalls. Their appearance is largely standardized and, in principle, they look monotonous. For this purpose, obviously, standalone SMS-M cabin units can be used, moreover, we have already designed several modules suitable for the trade activity. But our capabilities are not limited in this area, we are able to offer a much more efficient solution for commercial activities - prefabricated stores of any configuration based on not one, but on several modules.

Vending kiosk in the cottage village
Entry group
Kiosk in the cottage village

Using modular shops and shopping pavilions

In what situations modular stores are attractive and preferable? Such buildings are particularly effective if

  • there are difficulties in obtaining permission for the capital building construction;
  • there are restrictions on finance;
  • execution time is very limited;
  • the building is required for a short period and its transfer is expected in the future.

The first of the aforementioned reasons appears in 90% of situations for those entrepreneurs who wish to set up their own small shop. Similarly, for small businesses the question of the rational funds spending is always very important. But taking into account the rapidly changing internal conjuncture, anyone who plans to open a small sales point has to act quickly and prudently. Summarizing all these arguments, the choice of the pre-fabricated modular shop as the basis of the future trading point looks very advantageous. And a mobile shopping pavilion is even more attractive for those who plan its further movement to a new location. This is very important, for example, for seasonal traders or development companies, for whom it is more convenient and profitable to temporarily place the sales office directly at the construction site.

Фото Pavilion - sales office Morton
Фото Layout of the shopping pavilion

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